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Backlinks And It's Importance To SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is when you build a website and the name of your
website pops up when people search for a name closer to your website name in
the search engine. This process is known as Search engine Optimization.

After clicking the name of your website, a link to your website which leads to another website is
called Outbound link while the link to another website that leads directly to your website is called Backlink.

The Importance Of Backlinks Are

  1. It brings popularity to your website because once few alphabets related to your
    a website is pressed, your website names come up automatically.
  2. It also, fetch you profit in form of google point and this comes by through the
    people that visit your website.
  3. Through your backlinks, Google can start recommending you to people, businesses and


How to Create a Quality Backlink

  • Start writing good and quality articles and possibly a blog post
  • Start commenting on different website or blog
  • Build up some attractive graphics and link it up
  • Submitting of different web directories
  • Sending emails to popular website
  • Create a niche forum
  • Use link building method